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Looking at the Reputation of a Skin Care Clinic

I analyzed the online reputation of .a skin care clinic – not yet three years old – with a great online presence.

I believe that the best way to show someone you can help, is to actually help, so I’ll say what I found in a moment, then make a few suggestions.

Then I share with you what I offered to help the owner with, based on the analysis.

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(I’m offering a detailed Reputation Analysis like this worth £197 and a trial of one part of the Marketing Multiplier program worth up to £497 to qualifying businesses. Availability is limited, first-come-first-served. Click button now to chat with my Virtual Assistant Hal 24/7/365 and see if your business qualifies.)

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It Started With a Print Ad

I found this business through it’s print ads. A survey by Real Strategic Inc. shows, perhaps sadly, 45% of people go straight online to check reviews after a recommendation from friends or family. You might imagine that for an ad, many more people would look at online reviews before contacting the business.

And this is where Reputation Marketing shines – it amplifies all your other marketing – becuase ultimately people trust social proof.

Now this business has some great reviews – as good as any of the competition – and that’s

I said that I like to show I can help, and I have an idea already how I can do that for both Gym and Physio,

First, what did I find out? And what would I do first?

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In the video I show you one of the tools I use to get these results. You can get a free Reputation Audit worth £47 for your local business. It’s pretty simple to use – you start typing in your busness name, Google completes it, and my report generator gets to work immeditely.





2nd on map for skin care clinic – the main category in the Google listing.

Even better: #1 for laser hair removal and lots more searches around this.

10 reviews – all 5-star and detailed. Lots of photos, no video, some posts.


1 out of hundreds available – syill, doing well in maps so not a worry.


10 Google 27 Facebook. 10 in last six months – not great, but better than many local businesses. Good at responding.


1 on website – brand video with no call to action. None on YouTube or search results. Some on Facebook – including a well-hidden testimonial.


Nice looking, modern. Contact form but no chatbot. No click to call. Looks OK on mobile. SSL present. Bit slow.  

The booking – especially booking the free consultation process – is off-putting.


1983 followers. Social rating remains “poor” but at least some people (83) are talking about Fab Clinics.

Plenty of videos – at least 1 testimonial video. Good at replying to post comments and reviews.

Online ads / Retargeting

No pay-per-click. No retargeting.

Two competitors are doing pay-per-click on map for “laser hair removal loughborough”




Twitter, Instagram


The Skin Recovery Clinic is #1 on map for “skin clinic Loughborough”. More citations. Poorer engagement on Facebook.

#3 on the map is a gift to you – average 3.3 stars – anything less than 4.1 looks dodgy.

There’re quite a few others…

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When I do an analysis by hand for a client, I use a second tool as well as the audit with more details on the client and their competition. I also inspect their website, Facebook and Google listing by hand for a complete view.

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How Successful Local Business Owners Get More Trusting Leads

The help I’m going to offer (soon!) addresses one of these observations. In general, I’d:

It’s probably not clear how you’d do any of these!

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The Best Way to Show I Can Help, Is to Actually Help

You have some great reviews, and I’d start using these to get more trusting leads imediately.

We could make a Reputation Video from of one of your Google recommendations that you could post on Facebook – like the one you saw in the video that reached hundreds of people.

Or we could use the Review Widget to put your reviews from Facebook and Google all over your Website – again like in the video – for one month to see how it goes.

Why do I bang on about reviews? As well as 45% checking you out online after a word of mouth recommendation, of those people cruising the web, something like 87%-92% (depending on the survey) of all ages use reviews to help them choose.

But it’s not just about more leads. The social proof people get from seeing people writing about you means that even people who don’t know you are much more trusting and easier to turn into clients.

As for the rest of the list – it looks daunting, but it need not be. It’s true that without systems and automation, full-on Reputation Marketing is a full time job. And you know how much a full time employee would cost.

With our systems, automation and scale we can offer a done-for-service that does it all at a fraction of the cost. But let’s not jump in. Let’s try each other out first.

The first step? Chat with my virtual assistant Hal 24/7/365 and see if I can help – I’ll at least analyze your reputation by hand – worth $197 –  as I did for the Skin Clinic – and suggest some actions. There is no obligation for you to take it further.

If we’re a fit, I’ll exchange some serious Reputation Marketing worth up to £497 in exchange for 3 references and a review.  Take your chance now.

Yours, Matt Tarrant

P.S. If you just want to get a free Reputation Audit for your local business worth £47, you just have to follow the link and start typing your business name to start it running instantly

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Data comes from Real Strategic Inc., Brght Local and Local Consumer Survey.


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