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know how to discover what you can fix online to get more leads becase a reputation audit is the fisrt step to reputation marketing.

You’ll get the chance to generate – free – an instant audit for your local business worth £47. Scroll down for link…

Before we analyse an audit, why worry about your online reputation? Let’s take one example. You probably work hard to delight your customers in the hope they tell their friends. What we’ll see from the audit shows how well you’re doing at grabbing their attention when they follow their friend’s recommendation.

Depending on the study 87%-92% of us look at online reviews and use them to decide where to spend our money. Perhaps sadly, around 34% of us immediately checkout reviews after recommendation by a friend.

Ok, we’ll get to your free audit as soon as we’ve looked through the results of a typical business or two.

Specific business examples:

  1. Gym and Physio.
  2. Skin Clinic

Header Section

In this header section you see your overall grades. B’s, C’s and D’s are typical – generally only people who’re actively working at this get an A. Which means you have a huge opportunity to leap ahead of your competition – perhaps without too much work.

OK, this first section gives you some ideas about why you’re not first on the map. In the example in the video, this business has pleanty of good reviews on Google, not many links from directory sites like Yell, and a poorly optimized website.

Listing Section

We won’t spend too much time of the listings section because, while they used to be huge for search engine optimisation, they are less so now. If you want to clean them up try and search for “citation cleanup”.

Reviews Section

Reviews become ever more important. As with listings, Google and Facebook are the sites most people look to for reviews. But keep in mind that any site that’s important to you for traffic (these are often industry-specific) needs reviews.

We touched on one reason why at the start – a review is important social proof that you are a good business to buy from. That means that you’ll stand out from your competitors if you have many more recent reviews than they.

What’s even better, is that when people read how good you, are it’s much easier to sell to them!

So, with more reviews, you’ll get more leads, and leads that are easier to sell to. What’s not to like?

Online Reputation Management Services

The only doubt you might have is: “how do I get all these reviews.” You could do worse than just asking every customer. My customers’ experience is that it’s hard to get your staff to do this consistently, and you must also make it easy for the customers too. That means, for example, sending them a link to the site and giving them full instructions. It is possible to automate most of this, though using online reputation manangement services.

Even bettter is to take the next step – Reputation Marketing. This is where you actively use your reviews to get more leads. You take a review, perhaps change the format from say text to video, and post it on your social accounts. Or, maybe you stream your best text reviews onto your home page – one after another in an endless demonstration of trust and social proof.

Contact Hal, my virtual assistant who works 24/7/365, and we’ll see if we can sort you out a free trial customized for your business.

What to Do About Negative Reviews

If you have negative reviews, even if they are unfair, good luck getting them removed. It’s far easier to bury them in positive reviews. And, better still, is to use them to show prospects what you do when things go wrong. So keep an eye out for new reviews and answer them promptly (I have a vide series on what to do about positive, negative an fake reviews).

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Video Section

The final section is about video. An extraordinary 90% of consumers watched a video in the last week.

70% say watching a video helped persuade them to buy.

So video, like reputation, is they way forward.

But how do you make a video? Simplest is to talk into your phone!

Perhaps don’t make it directly salesy – instead show off your expertise.

You get the idea! But do always include a strong call to action at the end.

Other video ideas in a moment, but my call to action is to go and get your own, free, local business audit at

Don’t think that your video has be long – 5-10 minutes at most. You’ll hate the sound of your voice because it sounds different when played back – but it will sound normal to everyone else. Most important – you’re not looking for a professional look – the authentic you works much better – so don’t worry. Just make a video and get it out there.

So – other video ideas – these need a bit of software to make them interesting – at a pinch you could use power point. With all of them, makes sure they show up on YouTube, Facebook and your website at least. So…

Now, the call to action – include it at least twice. Be specific. Don’t say go to my website. Do say go to specific URL and say exactly what to do.

For example:

Go to and get your free audit now – before my partner forces me to start charging for them! When you get there, just start typing in the name of your local business and we’ll use Google to look it up – you may have to type the name of the city too. Google will find a list of matches – pick your firm and click the big orange button to immediately generate your Reputation Audit.

Still think reputation is unimportant? Forbes thinks not.

Ok, that’s the end of this Reputation Audit Example.

P.S. don’t forget to get your FREE Reputation Audit

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