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Three Tips In Brief

Only 20% of prospects take reviews older than 3 months into account – so you need a stream of new ones.

  1. Ask every client to leave a review today
  2. Make it easy for them
  3. Say thanks to every positive reviewer

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Online Reputation

They key is to ask everyone to leave a review, today, because most people just don’t think about it. So the more you ask, the more that will.

You’ll need training for your staff though – because it’s new, and for some it won’t come naturally. Most places who try this just give up after a few days, just as soon as the owner’s attention drifts.

So a system that automates the asking and collecting of reviews works much better – that’s what our clients use to get a constant new stream of reviews on autopilot. Even choosing where to send them for maximum effect.

Then we stream these reviews (remember they come from trusted sites like Google, Facebook and the like) onto their websites for the ultimate social proof. That’s the start of Reputation Marketing – using your reviews actively to turn propects into buyers.

We also tag them in case they are not ready to buy today… but that’s another story. 

Reputation Management

 Make it easy for people. Tell them where to leave the review – and exactly how to do it.

And thank eveyone who leaves a positive review – both because it shows you care – the way you handle reviews is a powerful signal to prospects.

Also because it’s your chance to get some search engine optimization goodness going. Put in a keywork, the name of your business, the service you provided, a link to your best landing page – or all of them!

Do you worry you’ll prompt people to leave a bad review? It’s possible, but the people who leave bad reviews are the most motivated – it’s the many happy but unmotivated people you want to reach. In case you do get a bad review, use the “bad review formula” here.

See this too.

Our expertise is using Reputation Marketing to make more money for our clients. If it sounds like the rewards are great but it’s a lot of repetitive and boring work, we can take it all off your hands. But first…

We’ve found that the best way to show someone you can help, is by actually helping, so we have a free reputation report instantly generated for your business at https://rep.social.free4youuk

Or call Matt on 01509 700 818.


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