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Three Tips In Brief

  1. At least say thanks
  2. Grab the SEO opportunity
  3. Call them up and sell something else

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When saying thanks, take what they love about you and re-phrase it. This builds the buzz, doubling the good news about you – making the reviewer feel good too. And it shows your prospects that you’re a great person to do business with.

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How to Respond to Reviews

I get asked this question occasionally – is it worth answering positive reviews?


I know, it takes time – while the reply can be quick you also have to hunt down reviews about your business on all the reviews sites out there.

Then say you find a good review, what do you reply to maximize the effect?

I’d like to give a you few tips.

What many don’t realise, is that reviews are content – and it’s the best there is – it’s so much more persuasive than the content you right, because it’s social proof. So make your reviewers – and their friends – feel special just by saying thanks.

Also there’s a huge search engine optimisation effect here – because don’t you think Google must take notice of your reviews to build those review count numbers they put on the search screen – so make sure you put your name, business name, location and service in the reply

Not to put on the review itself – but… who is the most likely to buy from you with least effort from you – yes, a customer – you know that, I don’t have to tell you. Now, of all your customers, who has you most in mind – yep, the ones who bought today. And of those, who are already thinking the best of you – that’s it, the ones who have committed in writing that you are the best! So… get your salespeople on the phone to them.

You could also checkout this article: https://blog.hubspot.com/service/respond-to-google-reviews

Our expertise is using Reputation Marketing to make more money for our clients. If it sounds like the rewards are great but it’s a lot of repetitive and boring work, we can take it all off your hands. But first…

We’ve found that the best way to show someone you can help, is by actually helping, so we have a free reputation report instantly generated for your business at http://rep.social/free.

Or call Matt on 01509 700 818. 

Fake reviews – what to do?


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