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Three Tips In Brief


  1. Acknowledge the reviewer’s point of view – whatever you’re feeling.
  2. Offer to put it right, if that’s possible
  3. If not, ask if they’ll help you fix it, to help others
  4. Move the conversation offline, don’t engage with them more online.
  5. Don’t use this as an opportunity for marketing
  6. Do bury the bad reviews in 5-star ones

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How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google

I get asked that question quite often.

You can’t – unless they are fake – and even then it’s a long fight.

Negative reviews can be very hard on you –  because they are always one-sided, and often hurtful – especially as I bet  you did your best to help, and now it’s being thrown back at you.

The Best way to Respond to Negative Reviews

Finding the right words to acknowledge the customer’s view can be hard to do without inflaming the situation. But the rewards are immense – the person who complains the loudest can become you most ardent fan.

I’d like to give a you few tips to handling a bad review. The main reason for replying to a bad review is to show your prospects how you’ll treat them. Done right, it’s powerfully attractive!

Start by acknowledging the reviewer’s point of view. Even if you can’t agree! “Hi, I’m Matt, the owner, and I’m sorry we caused you to feel as you do.” If you can agree, be more specific about how you screwed up!

Offer to put it right – if that’s possible – and move the conversation offline “Look, I’d like to fix this, would you give me a call on 01509 700 818

If you can’t put it right – they’ve got it done somewhere else, their parrot is dead, ask them if they would help you do better for other customers.

How Not to Respond to Negative Reviews

Some people advise you slip in some marketing message here like “we’re normally known for how good we are” – but think about it – how would you feel if you read that? Like someone’s trying to take advantage? So, don’t!

Keep it short to avoid offending them and don’t discuss it more online – if they come back repeat your offer to speak with them.

Best of all is to bury it. How? Ask every customer to write a review for you – you’ll be surprised how many will. Better still, build a process that does it for you.

Also check this out

Our expertise is using Reputation Marketing to make more money for our clients. If it sounds like the rewards are great but it’s a lot of unfamiliar work, we can take it all off your hands. But first… We’ve found that the best way to show someone you can help, is by actually helping, so we have a free reputation report instantly generated for your business at http://rep.social.free.

Good Review Handling

Or call Matt on 01509 700 818 or  (860) 881-2349

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New: Shockingly Bad Review

Watch the video to get three tips on how to respond, and a prize picked especially for local business owners if you go to LinkedIn and leave a good response.

Here’s the negative review in part:

“… the store guy offered to look it up online. I replied, ‘no thank you I need it now’ to which I got the reply with a bit of an unpleasant tone ‘you women want everything now!!’ I managed to say I was going away and needed it and walked out. It really was a rude and unneeded comment. It was not even said with humor”

How would you respond?

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