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Three Tips In Brief

  1. State you can’t find a record of their custom.
  2. Invite them to call (take it of line) in case they are!
  3. Bury the fake review in 5-star ones.

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Respond to Fake Negative Reviews

Yes, you’re right, fake reviews are a pain, and possibly fraud too.

So, you find a bad review and you just can’t remember the customer. You ask you staff, check you records, nothing.

You think you’ll get it taken down, but months go by and it’s still out there, poisoning the way people think of you.

I’d like to give a you few tips.

Much like a bad review, resist the very natural urge to sound off – even more here than with bad reviews, you’re speaking to prospects, not to the clown who’s slagging you off.

Write that you have no record of this customer and none of your staff remember the incident, and that you believe that this is a fake review. Apologise in advance if that’s not correct and, if you are mistaken, invite the reviewer to contact you directly.

You can see how you’re doing with a Reputation Audit – see an example here.

By all means report the fake review – but rather than holding your breath for it to be removed take action yourself to bury it. How? Ask every customer to write a review for you – you’ll be surprised how many will. Better still, build a process that does it for you.

See this too.

Our expertise is using Reputation Marketing to make more money for our clients. If it sounds like the rewards are great but it’s a lot of repetitive and boring work, we can take it all off your hands. But first…

We’ve found that the best way to show someone you can help, is by actually helping, so we have a free reputation report instantly generated for your business at http://rep.social/free

Or call Matt on 01509 700 818.


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