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Looking at the Reputation of a Gym and Physio

I believe that the best way to show someone you can help, is to actually help.

So, I analyzed the online reputations of two linked businesses in the Gym and Physio niches.

I’ll say what I found in a moment, then make a few suggestions.

And then, because I want to do more than suggest, I offer to help the owner with what the analysis shows is the best place to start.

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(I’m offering a detailed Reputation Analysis like this worth £197 and a trial of one part of the Marketing Multiplier program worth up to £497 to qualifying businesses. Availability is limited, first-come-first-served. Click button now to chat with my Virtual Assistant Hal 24/7/365 and see if your business qualifies.)

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But I Have Great Word-Of-Mouth

This is how many business get new clients. And I was client of the Physio business – because of word of mouth! Perhaps sadly though, today 45% of people go straight online to check reviews after a recommendation from friends or family.

Although there aren’t many reviews for either the Gym or the Physio, all but one are glowing. It’s a shame that this 1-star is the latest. With bad reviews it’s good to respond immediately (see this article). But how do you see them in time without spending all day watching social media?

The aim in responding to a negative review is to show prospects how you treat people when things go wrong. While it’s possible the reviewer might change the review, good luck with that, and it’s even harder to get it removed.

The best way to deal with 1-star reviews is to bury them beneath mounds of 5-star reviews. And positive reviews have also helped to heal the hurt and anger that clients of mine show in their clenched bodies when they talk about their negative reviews.

I said that I like to show I can help, and I have an idea already how I can do that for both Gym and Physio,

First, what did I find out? And what would I do first?

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Gym Analysis

In the video I show you one of the tools I use to get these results. You can get a free Reputation Audit for your local business. It’s retty simple to use – you start typing in your busness name, Google completes it, and my report generator gets to work immeditely.

Area Findings

Google Business


Unclaimed. Not on first page of map for “Gym Leicester” – this would be hard because so far from centre. First for “Gym Birstall Leicester” – but who would search for that? “Gym Birstall” gets you results near Leeds!
Directories Few entries. Differences in addresses.
Reviews Few reviews (12 Google 9 Facebook) Just one in last six months.
Videos Nothing on homepage, search results or YouTube.
Website Slow to load. Nice testimonial section on homepage but you have to scroll to see it. No contact form – people don’t use them anyway. But they do use Messenger and there is no ChatBot. No click to call. Not SSL.
Facebook Good reviews though few and old. Regular posts. Some likes. Little interaction. Couple of videos.
Retargeting None Found.
YouTube No channel found.
Twitter 305 followers.

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Physio Analysis




Business Page

First page of Google maps. Unclaimed. Latest review is 1-star – no reply.


23 entries – details correct for those checked


Just 4 in last 6 months. No so many total (6 Google and 10 Facebook).


Nothing on search, website or YT


Fast. Not SSL. Mobile. No click to call. No Chatbot. Must scroll to see testimonials.


Good reviews but few and only one recent. Some likes but no one’s talking about the page. Fairly regular posts with occasional responses.




None on your website or YouTube channel. One on Facebook – 56 views since January. One on Yell – 56 views in 6 years!

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How Successful Local Business Owners Get More Trusting Leads

For both businesses I have similar suggestions:

It’s probably not clear how you’d do any of these!

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The Best Way to Show I Can Help, Is to Actually Help

At least for the first – getting more reviews – I’d help free of charge – I do ask for three referrals and a review in exchange, because I need to build my business too.

I have a couple of giveaways in mind that would suit: Five Stars in Five Days to re-engage existing clients, or a review-getting Sign In Form for new clients. We’d have to talk to see which would work best, and at which business.

Why do I bang on about reviews? Well, as well as 45% checking you out online after a word of mouth recommendation, of those people cruising the web, something like 87%-92% (depending on the survey) of all ages use reviews to help them choose.

But it’s not just about more leads. The social proof people get from seeing people writing about you means that even people who don’t know you are much more trusting and easier to turn into clients.

As for the rest of the list – it looks daunting, but it need not be. It’s true that without systems and automation, full-on Reputation Marketing is a full time job. And you know how much a full time employee would cost.

With our systems, automation and scale we can offer a done-for-service that does it all at a fraction of the cost. But let’s not jump in. Let’s try each other out first.

The first step? Chat with my virtual assistant Hal 24/7/365 and see if I can help – I’ll at least analyze your situation as I did for the Gym and the Physio and suggest some actions. If we’re a fit, I’ll exchange some serious marketing in exchange for 3 references and a review.  Take your chance now.

Yours, Matt Tarrant

P.S. If you just want to get a free Reputation Audit for your local business, you just have to type in your business name to start it running instantly.


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