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“The best way to show you can help, is to actually help.”

That’s what we live by.

I hate selling…

Well, what I mean is that I don’t like prospecting – going out to people who have never heard of me. Coming across as a sales person – because that puts people instantly on their guard. Which means I can’t help them!

And yet… I love marketing. For me that’s about bringing people toward you, people who want what you have to sell. It seems to me like the opposite of selling.

And I’ll bring everything I know to getting you prospects who are ready to buy.

“The best way to show some you can help, is to actualy help.” There’s lots of ways to help your business. Reputation. Traffic. Social. Automation. Each works on it’s own, each multiplies the others.

While Traffic and Social get you more prospects, Social and Reputation makes it so much easier to convert them, and Automation – well, you deserve more time for yourself and your family, don’t you?

And if people want what you have, that means instead of competing on price, trimming your margin to the bone, you can actally make some profit.

So if you have a local business, then maybe I can help. Chat with Hal, my virtual assistant on Messenger, to setup a meeting 24/7 – I mean my virtual assistant responds 24/7 – I have only a few free slots a week!

Oh yes. Hal normally gives something valuable away for free to every visitor. I keep asking him not to, but it seems he’s on your side.

Our Values

Will we fit, will we work together well? If my values don’t match yours at least a little, perhaps we’re better off not finding out! It’s not just about how I treat you, and you treat me, it’s also about how you treat your customers and your staff.

Help First
Most of us are not blessed with the rhino-hide of the true salesperson. We don’t quite identify with them. We do know, because we’re business owners, that sales feed us and our families. I’m not suggesting you do this – that’s your choice – but I’ve found that being helpful first makes selling easier and gets better results for both parties. Plus it feels good.
Make a Difference

It’s not enough to do stuff – there has to be a result – something tangible you can see. More prospects, more calls, more sales, more profit. Wherever possible we’ll measure it. The intangible is good too – how do you measure the way people talk to you after they’ve read your rave reviews? You can’t. Doesn’t mean you can’t feel it though.

The Customer is King

Or queen. What we mean is, the customer comes first. That doesn’t quite mean “always right” – though in my experience no one knows a business like the owner – except maybe the people on the frontline see some things first. I once had a manager who accused me of “being too much on the customer’s side.” It wasn’t meant as a compliment. I took it as a way to live.

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